Bugs reported for current version

Here is the list of bugs reported for version
Where a date is shown for the fix you can obtain the fix/improvement by downloading and installing this version again.
If a version number is shown instead of a date, the fix will be in that release.

Description of bug
May 9
May 12
DiveRecorder: If using an Event Template to set the Event condition for any synchro event, the Synchro flag could be deleted when Saving the Event.
May 21
May 21
DiveRecorder: Synchro Recording Sheets were showing previous total as 0.0 for every dive.
May 23
May 29
ScoreBoard: A PageDown or PadgeUp could scroll 2 pages instead of 1.

If you think you have discovered a bug in the current version of any of the DiveRecorder suite of programs, please report it. If the bug generates a pop-up bugreport, it is best to send me the 'bugreport_??.mbr file. But please note that the 'bugreport' component of the software may also report errors due to user mistakes such as entering text into number boxes or using the wrong date or number format for your computer.

For the speedy resolution of a bug, please also make a Support Request, which sends me your database, and use the 'Description of problem' box to describe the steps I need to take to generate the bug using your data.