Online Divesheets

This method of submitting divesheets has been designed for use by individual divers. If you are a club coach or administrator wishing to submit dive sheets for a number of divers you should instead download, install and use the program DiveSheets as it is better suited for that purpose. For more information on DiveSheets, click here.

If you are an individual diver, you will need to take the following steps to complete and submit your dive sheets for a Meet:

  1. Select a Meet
  2. Enter your details: name, club, etc
  3. Choose an Event
  4. Fill in your dive sheet
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each event you have entered
  6. Check and make any necessary corrections
  7. Finally, Submit your sheets .. or Abort

Note that you can Abort at any time before actually 'submitting' your sheets.


[BR] Alexandre Crispim; [DE] Lucie Freitag-Fransen; [DK] Christian Koerner; [ES] Francisco Javier Diaz, Manuel Curbelo Trujillo;
[FR] Tanguy Cano; [HR] Mario Sudzuka; [IT] Francesca Storti; [NL] Mikel Hanique; [PL] Wojciech Piechuta
[RU] Антон Толстяков (Anton Tolstyakov); [SE] Mickey Missler.