DiveRecorder - Utilities

The DR Utilities pack contains several supporting programs designed to be run on networked computers to drive scoreboards and post live results to the web.


DiveSheets was written to spread the load of inputting dive sheets which, with a computer based system, places a heavy load on the Secretariat and is error prone.

Using DiveSheets, individual team or club trainers can complete their own divers' sheets at their leisure and submit them via the Internet to be imported directly into DiveRecorder. Once a trainer has entered their divers' details, they have even less work to do when submitting sheets for future meets at which DiveRecorder will be used.

  1. Enter the details of any new divers into the DiveSheets database
  2. Click New Meet and select the appropriate Meet to download its conditions
  3. Enter your divers in their events
  4. Complete your divers' dive sheets
  5. Check your entries and sheets by viewing or printing the reports
  6. Upload all your dive sheets for the Secretariat to import
  7. Take a printed list to the Meet for reference and for marking any changes required


  • ScoreBoard generates a scoreboard suitable for data projectors or other devices taking a VGA input
  • DR2Referee is a version of ScoreBoard which shows the awards as they are received for confirmation by the referee.
  • DR2Omega and DR2Calypso generate output in a custom protocol for driving Swiss Timing (Omega) scoreboards.


  • TickerTape displays a list of dive-by-dive awards and scores to assist a manual recorder
  • DR2Web will upload dive-by-dive results to the DiveRecorder website
  • DR2Video will output scoreboard data in CSV or XML formats suitable for inclusion in video output
  • DR2Overlay will create basic overlays for inclusion in video output
  • SBControl can configure multiple instances of ScoreBoard, bypassing busy Recorders

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