Complex equipment example from European Junior Championships

Example of recording table

Each day we had to set up and tear down everything, hence the 'untidy' cabling!

Right to left of table..
  • Two manual recorders for 1m event
  • DiveRecorder operator for 1m event
  • Announcer for 1m event with laptop running ScoreBoard
  • Two manual recorders for 3m event
  • DiveRecorder operator for 3m event
  • Announcer for 3m event with laptop running ScoreBoard
We also used:
  • Desktop acting as database server which was located in a room behind the gazebo
  • Laser printer
  • Wireless judging keypads (JPads)
  • One notebook running ScoreBoard to drive the electronic scoreboard
  • Two laptops running DR2Referee, one for each Referee
  • Laptop in a different room behind the gazebo for data entry and report generation during events
  • Misc network items such as router, switch, wireless bridge (for Internet connection) and a UPS for the server and network components.

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